Protecting you and your assets

We specialise in Nano Protective Coatings for construction/architecture. We also have Marine, Aviation and Automotive services.



We can see the smile on your face already as you see your alluring vessel shining and protected from sail to underside. 


Your aircraft deserves the very best care. We deliver complete protection for medium to large commercial aircrafts.


Motorbike, family car or supercar with an attitude – your paintwork should always be intact and shining. Yeah, we take care of that.

Graffiti Guard

Adding a preventative coating to deter against the unsightly graffiti vandalism that could happen if not treated.


Protect your construction equipment from vandals.


Make your fabric surfaces resistant from liquid and stains.


We get the job done properly

With over 20 years’ experience in protective coatings, we have worked in the construction, automotive, marine and aviation industries. Our protection service has taken us around the world with some major contracts in Panama, Kuwait and across Europe.

Recent projects have enabled us to collaborate with some of the UK’s leading house building companies, delivering an anti-graffiti protection service to Acoustic Highway Barriers.

Also providing textile protection to a 5 star hotel in London. We have a dedicated and vastly experienced team of master detailers who take preparation to the highest level and with our specialised ceramic coatings which are individually tailored to each sector, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction every time.

We provide tailored quotes to meet the individual specifications, to ensure that all assets are protected and maintained, keeping our clients happy.

maintain the value of your assets

With regular cleaning and protection your assets stay looking new and will continue to be valuable to you now and in the future.

The Nano Protect Marine Team

The Nano Protect Construction Team