Your vessel deserves the best, whether it’s a jet ski, day boat or super yacht, we use the same methodical decontamination process for them all. Every vessel gets a full washdown and 1 stage polish. With new vessel manufacturing swirl marks, and light scratches will be eliminated in preparation of the System X Ceramic coating.


How it works


The high corrosives of salt, UV rays, acids, alkalies, exhaust and algae/shell contaminants can cause structural and cosmetic damage that impair your craft’s performance and ruin its appearance.


A full comprehensive survey on the vessel, a decontamination was and fully dried before a

One to two stage polish ensures that all minor scratches and imperfections are removed, and the paintwork is returned to its original factory condition, ready for the ceramic coating.


Application of the System x ceramic coating is applied filling in the smallest pores in the GRP, making the coated surface extremely shiny, smooth and superhydrophobic. This gives the surface a 9h protection. Cutting down cleaning by 50%. Up to 5 years guarantee with warren package