electrostatic cleaning

Electrostatic cleaning

With Covid19 dominating the news, being clean and safe has never been more important.  Traditional cleaning methods are not adequate to combat this virus therefore at NanoProtect we have a revolutionary decontamination solution.  With the use of our Electrostatic spraying system, along with hospital grade technology we are confident that our cleaning system can irradicate these viruses and bacterial matter.


How it works


Viruses and bacterial spores are not only on touch points and surfaces, they are also airborne.  Therefore the traditional system of a spray and wipe technique can move bacteria from one surface to another, this is an old and outdated method. 


The electrostatic system uses 60% fewer chemicals, is 70% faster and has a room coverage rate of 98%.  This includes the eradication of airborne particles missed with traditional cleaning.  The system puts an electronic charge with the cleaning solution which is then attracted to the negative surface, therefore ensuring a far superior coverage.


Application is applied with an 8 litre cordless back pack.  The coverage per tank is 23,000 sq. ft., this ensures more surfaces cleaned efficiently with only one operative.


what our customers are saying

We have used E-Sanitisation Services from Nano protect on a number of occasions and they have supported our own In-House technicians during exceptionally busy periods.  Their professionalism and attention to detail work seamlessly alongside our own operations and our Management teams have 100% confidence in their ability to deliver a first class service.

Ian Whittingham

Director, Smarter Services Ltd